Open Edge Consortium Foundation

TranseTelematics GoldICT Global Map

Mamadomia Global NPO-NGO Consortium Foundation
Mamadomia Consortium Global network
Mamadomia Consortium Global commerce
Mamadomia NPO-NGO EU Consortium Foundation
Mamadomia NPO-NGO AU Consortium Foundation

HealingDom org Health well-being and wellness NPO/NGO developments
Health well-being and wellness network developments
HealingDom com - Health well-being and wellness commerce

Open Edge Consortium
Open Edge Consortium Network
Open Edge Consortium Foundation

AcademyDom Open Edge Education
AcademyDom Open Edge Education Network
AcademyDom Education Open Edge Consortium Foundation
GoodIYI org Global NPO-NGO developments
GoodIYI Global network developments
GoodIYI Global commerce developments

DogsDom Global NPO-NGO Consortium Foundation
DogsDom Global network
DogsDom Global commerce

Grogodo org Global NPO-NGO Consortium Foundation
Grogodo Global Global network
Grogodo Global commerce

AutoTelematics org Global NPO-NGO Consortium Foundation
AutoTelematics Global network
AutoTelematics Global commerce

EduTelematics org Global NPO-NGO Consortium Foundation
EduTelematics Global network
EduTelematics Global commerce

GNSStelematics org Global NPO-NGO Consortium Foundation
GNSStelematics Global network
GNSStelematics Global commerce

TransTelematics Global NPO-NGO Consortium
TransTelematics Global network
TransTelematics Global commerce
TransTelematics Europe

Telematict Global NPO-NGO Open Consortium
Telematict Global network
Telematict Global commerce

GoldICT Global NPO-NGO Open Consortium
GoldICT Global network
GoldICT Global commerce

Eco21C Global Network
Eco21C Global Commerce

EkoTelematics Global Network
EkoTelematics Global Commerce

WaterDom Global NPO-NGO Open Consortium
WaterDom Global network
WaterDomGlobal Global commerce

Jewish-Passover org Eco Health Open NPO-NGO Open Consortium
Jewish-Passover Eco and Health Global network
JewishPassover Global Commerce

ITStelematics com

SATtelematics com Open network